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Meaningful Marketing Books

  • Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart: What Sticks
  • Chip Heath and Dan Heath: Made to Stick
  • Marty Neumeier: ZAG
  • Douglas Atkin: The Culting of Branding
  • Steve Diller, Nathan Shedroff, Darrel Rhea: Making Meaning
  • Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson: The Hero and the Outlaw


Mythology is a marketing management services company partnering with senior executives to improve revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Before customers take action, they have to believe they will receive emotional or functional (or both) benefits. Mythology helps companies focus on the meaning behind their marketing in order to build beliefs that lead to profitable customer relationships.

We primarily partner with senior management from mid-market companies and business units of Fortune 500 companies. We also work with select government and non-profit organizations to achieve significant innovation and growth goals.

Based in beautiful Charleston, WV, Mythology has the experience, vision and energy to build belief in your business.


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